When to hire an estate lawyer?

When to hire an estate lawyer?

Many assume that an estate lawyer is an individual that only drafts wills or power of attorney, or who is someone that helps the trustee with assistance in administering the estate after someone’s death. While they do the above-mentioned, it is much more than that. Additionally, they also represent the interests of the beneficiaries and make sure the estate is administered effectively.

An estate lawyer can assist either the spouse, child, or any other financial dependant in filing a claim against the estate if they have not been adequately provided for. Furthermore, they also help in resolving conflicts between family members and estate assets.

When is the right time to hire an estate lawyer?

If you want to make sure your last wishes are carried out as mentioned in the will, you need the services of an expert estate lawyer at Orcus Law LLP to help you come up with an estate plan. You can also visit a general practice lawyer, but by visiting a specialist like us, you are going to get a bespoke legal service that helps ensure you receive a favourable legal outcome. Additionally, an estate lawyer can offer to advise on who should be the will’s executor. It is a challenging job that requires diligence.

At our estate litigation law firm, we will create an estate plan on how to divide the assets fairly. Additionally, we will also advise on the probate process, including how to avoid and deal with the probate court.

Estate planning lawyers can also help to deal with issues like income tax, what to do with life and real estate insurance, as well as what to do if you are in a common-law relationship or a second marriage.

In regards, to the administration, an estate lawyer can guide the trustee through the entire process making sure they completely understand and fulfil their legal obligations. They can also help solve issues that arise from personal liability with third-party institutions, creditors and beneficiaries.

If the beneficiary is not happy with the outcome or is unable to get more information from the estate administrator, an estate litigation lawyer is someone you need, as they know estate law.

An estate trustee should seek the services of an estate litigation lawyer very early in the process. A common ground for litigation is whether there was any undue influence by some person so that they can financially benefit from the estate. This is one of the biggest reasons for challenging a will. Anybody can challenge a will, but when it comes to the courts, there are very specific and valid reasons for challenging a will.

The legal team at Orcus Law LLP have the knowledge and skills to help clients with matters concerning their estate. From challenging a will to assisting the trustees in the execution of the will, our estate litigation law firm has got you covered. For further information or to schedule an initial consultation with our estate litigation lawyers, please do not hesitate to give our team a call today.