Family mediation lawyers Mississauga

Mediation is a voluntary process that can help resolve legal disputes. This method is usually used in order avoid going to the court. Lawyers encourage people go through mediation to resolve issues amicably.  During the mediation,parties hire a mediatortrained in mediation techniques, he will bring the interests and issues of both sides and offer suitable solutions for the same. The main aim of mediation is to reach an agreement and find a solution that is suitable for both.

At our law firm, we offer mediation services. All of our mediation lawyers and have immense knowledge about the mediation and can help you reach an agreement. We encourage both sides to be honest, and considerate of each other and resolve their issue. Our mediation solutions are affordably priced and hassle-free. To book an appointment with our family mediation lawyers in Mississauga, please get in touch with us now, we will be happy to help you with all your requirements.

Effectively resolving disputes

At our law firm, we understand that most of us wish to avoid going to the court and are looking for an alternate solution. You can rely on our mediation lawyers to help you offer just that. Our lawyers can listen to both parties, understand the issue and try and offer a solution that works for both parties. Our lawyers act as a neutral third-party to help you make decisions and reach an amicable agreement. Our mediation process can help you

  • Negotiate a separation agreement
  • Create a pre-nupor marriage contract
  • Resolve parenting issues
  • Develop a parenting agreement
  • Make changes in the child and or spousal support arrangements
  • Create document to support the other family members following separation or divorce
  • Resolve issues with separation agreements
  • Resolving issues with parenting agreements and cohabitation agreements

Mediation lawyers for separation

If you are considering separation, hiring a mediation lawyer can be a wise decision.


All mediation conducted by our lawyers are on a confidential basis. Anything said cannot be used in court. Before we proceed with the mediation, you will be made to sign an agreement, this agreement sets out terms with respect to confidentiality.


Our mediation lawyers may help you reach an agreement. We cannot guarantee you will reach an agreement, but will ensure you that it is cost-effective when compared to proceeding in court.


Mediation will help you generate options that work for your issue.


Our mediation process will be relationship focused. Most of our clients have benefitted from the mediation process.As mediators, we can assist separating couples reach an agreement that meets your needs. We can provide guidance to clients whenever they need. Our lawyers are compassionate and can assist you every step of the way. We understand that separation, divorce and other issues can be difficult to deal with. Our lawyers are very patient can help you get through this difficult time. Get in touch with us now for more details. We serve clients on and around Mississauga.

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