How Can Commercial Attorneys Assist You In Commercial Tenant Disputes?

How Can Commercial Attorneys Assist You In Commercial Tenant Disputes?

Commercial real estate leasing can sometimes be simpler than leasing residential properties. If you are a business landlord, you probably don’t worry too much if someone smokes within your building or hosts loud parties that annoy other tenants. You are not liable to some of the strict housing code regulations that apply to housing properties, and you are less likely to be bothered by after-hours maintenance requests.

Naturally, this does not imply that renting out commercial space will be a simple process. There are numerous causes for which a commercial tenant might be sued. Corporate tenants and property owners frequently have disagreements. Rent arrears, forfeiture, and other issues are typical justifications.

This blog will explain the causes of business property conflicts, their effects, and how to resolve them. Let’s get through it.

Common Reasons for Commercial Property Disputes

There are various things that can lead to disputes over commercial property. One that happens frequently is when a tenant misses a rent payment and accumulates unpaid rent. For landlords, getting this money back can be exceedingly challenging and expensive due to the legal process.

Dilapidations, or the upkeep of the property, are another significant source of conflict. If this has not been clearly stated from the beginning, it may be difficult to determine who is responsible for upkeep if it is needed either inside or outside the property.

The landowner is allowed to exercise their power to forfeit and may enter the premises and revoke the lease if a tenant violates the terms of their lease.

Typical Repercussions of a Commercial Real Estate Dispute

A commercial real estate dispute could have negative outcomes that could be harmful to both the landlord and the renter. Commercial tenant disputes can be an expensive and time-consuming procedure for the landlord. The costs of some components of a commercial dispute will be borne by the tenant, and the disagreement may have severely detrimental effects.

Settling Issues Involving Commercial Property

Before taking legal action, there are other options.

Good communication should be the main priority. The matter can be resolved and your relationship with the other party preserved by having constructive dialogues about it. It is advised to stay in touch constantly to prevent the situation from deteriorating without a solution. All meetings and transactions should be documented in writing, including any follow-up correspondence or emails sent after in-person encounters, to enable future
use of the information.

Additionally, it is suggested that you keep a record of any events that might be relevant to the dispute. Don’t forget to write down the time and place; this will come in handy during the mediation.

Should You File A Lawsuit?

If there is no peaceful settlement after all reasonable efforts to address the matter through alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration have been made, you will need to think about pursuing legal recourse.

We are aware that a commercial lease dispute can take a long time to resolve and may have an impact on your investment as a landlord or your business as a tenant. Working with a legal team that can respond quickly, adjust to your changing needs, and provide clear, strategic advice is crucial when issues emerge. We at Orcus Law LLP can offer early guidance so issues can be solved before they become the subject of formal action.

Both alternative dispute resolution and any potential legal action can be aided by the assistance of our specialized team. Our tenacious litigators and real estate attorneys can give you advice and support because they have a great deal of expertise handling a variety of commercial property disputes.