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Litigation Lawyers

Depending on the type of legal situation you are navigating, you will require different types of lawyers. If you need someone who can protect your rights in the court system, then you are going to need a litigation lawyer.

Two main types of lawyers

Although lawyers can have many different specialties (family, real estate, business, and so forth), they can all really be divided into two main types of lawyers; litigation and transactional. A litigation lawyer is needed when you need to present your argument or defense to a judge; a transactional lawyer is required when you are presenting your case outside of a court or tribunal.

For example, if you need a business contract drafted, you would typically go to a transactional lawyer who specializes in business law. The contract that they draft for you will give you legal standing should something go wrong with the deal. The contract is designed to “stand up in court”, but a transactional lawyer will not usually be the person to enforce the contract in court.

Should something go wrong with the deal and you do need to take someone to court (or if you need to be protected because the other party is taking you to court), then you would go to a litigation lawyer who would help to argue your case before a judge.

Why you might need a litigation lawyer

Litigation lawyers deal with a wide range of civil litigation including things such as breach of contract, privacy law violations, medical malpractice, product liability suits, landlord-tenant disputes, and many others.

And while it is not required that you hire a lawyer in many of these cases, there is a good reason why you should consider doing so:

  • To save money – did you know that not hiring a lawyer might actually end up costing you more? This is because civil suits can often have many loopholes – loopholes that your lawyer will be much better equipped to find than you will. A good litigation lawyer can help you get more for your case, or help you to have to pay less if you are the one being sued.
  • Protect you from incriminating yourself – defending yourself in court can really backfire and without a lawyer’s protection and knowledge of the law, you could end up leaking confidential information or otherwise incriminating yourself.
  • To reduce your risk – your odds of winning your case are greatly increased when you hire a professional litigation lawyer – especially if the other side has hired a lawyer.
  • To make your case stronger – A skilled litigation lawyer can change the outlook of the entire case. Even if you don’t think you have a very strong case, a litigation lawyer can help to make it strong.
  • To give you peace of mind – going through a civil litigation case in court can be extremely stressful and even nasty. Knowing that you have an expert litigation lawyer on your side, can help to relieve some of that stress.

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