Five Common Types of Civil Litigation Cases

Five Common Types of Civil Litigation Cases

The major difference between a civil litigation case and a criminal case is that in civil litigation case either one or both parties are seeking monetary or any other form of compensation, instead of a criminal charge. The prosecution in a criminal case generally represents the state in which the trial is taking place. However, in civil litigation cases both the parties represent themselves and are assisted by a civil litigation lawyer or legal counsel.
Below mentioned are some of the most come types of cases to appear in civil court:

1. Contractual disputes

Contract disputes usually happen when one or more parties that sign a contract will not meet their obligations. This is usually down to the reason that one party tries to do too much themselves and does not have the required manpower and funds to fulfil their obligations. Another reason is the terms are not well drafted and usually favour one party.

2. Property disputes

Property disputes involve disputes about ownership of property or damage caused to either party’s real estate or property. There are several types of property disputes that a civil litigation attorney may handle. The common type of property dispute is a line dispute. A line dispute is when one party alleges that a neighbour crosses the property boundary between their houses for building.

3. Torts

A tort is a civil litigation case where one party alleges that the other party caused them emotional or physical harm. Tort cases are in many forms and are usually related to an individual’s safety, and the safety of their property, including financial security. Other common torts are related to accidents and injuries such as assault or battery charges, or negligence on either party not doing their assigned duty.

4. Class action lawsuits

Similar to torts, class action lawsuits are where only the prosecution in these types of cases represents a class of people of the group who have all been injured by the same object. They are usually common in cases of defective products, or if they are exposed to hazardous materials or a faulty item that has injured multiple people before it was recalled.

5. Complaints against the city

Any complaint that is made against the city or to the federal government is usually settled out of court. However, in the event the government chooses to not settle, the complaints are generally tried as civil cases. These are cases where the plaintiff alleges that the city law has caused harm to its people. There are various types of civil litigation cases, and at times, a civil litigation case can become a criminal case that could have an unfavourable outcome for the prosecution. If you think you may have grounds for a civil litigation case, please do not hesitate to get in touch

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