Reputable lawyers in the field of Criminal Law

Reputable lawyers in the field of Criminal Law

Driving under the influence or being accused of sexual assault are serious criminal charges and one could face a severe penalty if found guilty. The team of criminal lawyers at Orcus Law has represented many clients with charges related to DUI and impaired driving, sexual assault and threats and domestic offences. Our vast network and strong defence have made us the law firm you can rely on. Additionally, our criminal lawyers have the necessary legal
knowledge to skillfully defend their clients. Below mentioned are some areas you can rely on our criminal lawyers for:

1. Sexual assaults and threats

Sexual assaults and threats are usually classified as one causing harm to another individual or their property. Sexual assault can usually lead to charges of domestic assault. These charges usually involve spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends etc. but it is usually not the case, sometimes, it can be a drunk person threatening someone, or a business partner threatening someone. When people are facing charges of assault or threats, they are usually surprised. Not many understand the severity of a criminal charge, and if these charges lead to a conviction, the accused could face possible jail time.

2. Domestic offences

A person convicted of a domestic offence can impact their life severely. It could potentially lead to them having a criminal record or worse jail time. Additionally, it can also impact their employment opportunities and their ability to travel and much more. Fortunately, the team at Orcus Law have the knowledge to deal with all types of domestic offences, including:

  •  Domestic assault

Domestic assault is a criminal offence that arises from a rift between two individuals in a
domestic relationship. It can be between a husband and wife, a boyfriend and girlfriend, or
even roommates. Most of the time the conflict involves allegations of physical abuse.

3. Driving under the influence (DUI)

This is a criminal offence where the driver is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. The types of
DUI offences are:

  •  Over 80
  •  Impaired Driving
  •  Failure to provide a breath or blood sample

If the driver has been guilty of driving under the influence, their license will be suspended for a minimum of one year, or until they meet certain requirements such as completing a program or paying a fine. If your job involves driving, getting a DUI conviction can seriously impact your livelihood.

With years of practicing criminal law and defending numerous clients, our team and the resources we have gives us the platform to succeed, and most importantly stand by our clients at every court appearance. You can rest assured; that our clients are never left in the courtroom alone. They will always have our lawyers by their side protecting their rights.

To schedule an initial consultation or to find out more information about our criminal law services, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at Orcus Law.